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CIGS 1000-Series Thin Film Solar Panels

No Potential Induced Degradation
No Light Induced Degradation
Adsence of Hot Spot
No Snail Track Problem
Rare existence of solder joint ( as compared with hundreds of solder joint for c-SI )
No glint / glare problem
Low shadow effect ( which affects electricity yield ) does not induce hot spot issue.
Lead (Pb) free, Cadium (Cd) free , RoHS compliant
Having positive light soaking effect

Solartech Power CIGS-1000 Solar Panels

Solartech Power photovoltaic CIGS-1000 modules are constructed with high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells and produce higher output per module than others in it class. This industrial grade module is an industry standart among various industry proffecionals.

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